What is the PPLNT payout system?

PPLNT (pay per last n time)
Proportional payouts with a twist to protect you
A round is the time from when the pool found the last block until when the pool finds the next block. The length of a round is shorter, the higher the hashrate of the pool but there is also a luck factor involved in the length of round. Over a long period of time the average length of a round is predictable. Your shares are proportional based on the last 51% of the round. Shares that were earned before the last half the round are given less value. The older the share the less value they have. If you have mined the entire round or mined for the last 51% you will recieve a full proportional award. The reason we do this is because of pool hopping.

If someone joins the pool at the beginning of a round and consistently leaves part way through a round to mine another pool, then under a proportional payout system they would receive an unfairly high payout at the expense of the miners who are loyal and mine the entire round. The PPNLT payout system rewards loyal miners and penalises pool hoppers. If you want a pool that you can mine with long term and not worry about pool hoppers stealing your rewards a PPLNT pool is your safest bet.

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