BitcoinGold miners setup

Welcome to our BTG mining pool >>>

Nvidia EWBF

miner --server --user your_wallet.rig1 --pass any --port 8888 --eexit 3

Nvidia ZM

zm --server --user your_wallet.rig1 --pass any --port 8888

AMD Claymore

ZECMiner64.exe -zpool -zwal your_wallet.rig1 -zpsw any

SSL/TLS connection on port 7777

ZECMiner64.exe -zpool ssl:// -zwal your_wallet.rig1 -zpsw any

add ‘-allpools 1’ to config if you’ve error: pool does not support Zcash address at login

Nvidia EWBF

./miner --server --user your_wallet.rig1 --pass any --port 8888 --eexit 3

Nvidia ZM

./zm --server --user your_wallet.rig1 --pass any --port 8888

AMD Optiminer

./optiminer -zcash -s -u your_wallet.rig1 -p any

For nicehash or big farms you can use port 9999 with high diff.

After that you can check your stats at

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  1. ReplyMikeemmanuel
    Hi, I start mining yesterday (arround 1000 Shares) and my stats show no balance pending, or anything. It's a problem with the web page or I' setup wrong the Claymore?. Thank you so much for your atention.
    • Replynibiru
      To get a reward we need to find a block first, when pool find a block it will split reward between miners. All found blocks you can see on stats page . With current pool hashrate it need ~3-5 days to find a block. Also please read about PPLNT reward system.

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