Welcome to Nibiru pool – mining pool you can trust

Our mining pools are located on reliable dedicated servers, providing great performance and stability.
Real time PPLNT payout scheme is the best payout scheme for loyal miners and well protects against pool hoppers.
High diff ports for mining rig rental services compatibility.
Efficient, anonymous mining engine, low orphan rate.
Detailed statistics is available for each worker.
Low fee.

Comments ( 6 )

  1. Replyuser
    Hi, did you have contacts to talk about app for your pool?
  2. Reply8art33z
    When you provide info about mining BTC Gold :) ?
    • Replynibiru
      BTG mining is planned to early nov.
  3. Replylelel
    Hi. your servers locates in Eu?
    • Replynibiru
      Our servers are located in one of the biggest data centers in US with solid network connection. You can check ping from your side and compare it with others. Sometimes you can get lower ping with a server even on another continent.

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